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Creoles are people who originated from African, French, and Spanish backgrounds. They are mostly from Louisiana, near New Orleans.


The previous answer is incorrect.

Creoles are a type of language spoken all over the world. They are created when a pidgin language is taught to children and becomes standardized

[A pidgin is a simplified language that is created when two or more groups try to communicate but do not have a language in common. Pidgins are not standardized and are incomplete by most definitions.]

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Q: What are the origins of the creoles?
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Who were creoles?

I am Creole . We Creoles are a mix of French , Spanish , Native American and African . We are from Louisiana . There are also Creoles in the West Indies with French and Spanish descent . Us Creoles from Louisiana are descendants of French and Spainsh colonial settlers in Louisiana .

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What was the significence of Creoles?

The significance of the Creoles is about the mixed race culture that helped form the lifestyles of Louisiana. Creoles are rich with colorful history and a distinct way of cooking that has made New Orleans famous.

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Name the classes of spanish colonial society?

Peninsulares, Creoles, mestizos, Native American

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What caused creoles in south America to rebel against Spain?

Creoles rebeled because the people in Spain wanted a liberal democracy.

Why were creoles anxious for statehood?

The creoles did not like being under American rule, but they knew they would have more control when the territory became a state.

What are creoles?

Creoles are stable natural languages that have developed from a mixture of different languages. They typically emerge in situations where people from diverse linguistic backgrounds come into contact and need to communicate. Creoles often have simplified grammar and vocabulary compared to their parent languages.

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Pierre Paul Ebeyer has written: 'Paramours of the Creoles' -- subject(s): Fiction, Creoles, African Americans

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