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this happens when something is not under your control...this could be natural to all of us & this isn't that much critical :)

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the figth because of drunk

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Q: What are the reasons why unloving acts make us unhappy in the community?
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How did the colonies react to the coercive acts?

They were very unhappy about it

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The answer is in Acts 16:19 The master were unhappy because their soothsayer was no longer able to do her work after Paul had cast the demon out of her.

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There were several reasons, most namely the Boston Tea Party.

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Acts 2:42-47Acts 4: 32-37

What were the reason for The Intolerable Acts?

There were several reasons, most namely the Boston Tea Party.

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The church. Not just the church as in the building. But the church as in the people who are saved. Read Acts. It talks about the church's (the body of believers) roles in the community.

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Acts of vandalism can create a sense of fear and insecurity in a community, causing residents to feel unsafe and stressed. They can also lead to a decline in property values and deter businesses from investing in the area. Additionally, frequent acts of vandalism can strain community resources as they require time and money to repair and can divert attention from other important community needs.

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No. A service member can be discharged at the end of their enlistment, for medical reasons, compassionate reasons, misconduct, criminal acts, or being unsuited for service.