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The Legislative Branch (Congress), which is created and given power by Article I of the U.S. Constitution; the Executive Branch (the Presidency), which is created and given power by Article II of the U.S. Constitution; and the Judiciary Branch (Supreme Court), which is created and given power by Article III of the U.S. Constitution.

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The 3 branches of the USA government are:

legislative - this branch makes the laws

executive - this branch enforces the laws

judicial - this branch interprets the laws

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Q: What are the three United States branches or government?
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What are the 3 branches of government in the US?

The Three Branches of Government are the executive, legislative, and judicial -luv carissa :)

What is meant by the us system of checks and balances?

The different branches of government have ways to prevent other branches from getting to much power.

What are the 3 branches of government and what stops one branch from becoming too powerful?

The three branches of the United States government are the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judiciary Branch. The system of checks and balances keeps the power of each branch under control in relation to the others.

Division of the national government?

To put the question into context, in the United States of America, government is actually a Republic, and not a Democracy. Our Federal Government has three branches - The Legislative Branch (House and Senate - Congress); The Judicial Branch (Courts) and the Executive Branch (Office of the President and Cabinet Members) The National Government - Meaning the States in the Union - are headed by smaller versions of the three branches - The State Government. The term "Republic" means that although we have an overall, Federal System; States in the Union (The Republic) - Still retains ability to self-govern laws that are not pre-empted by federal law and the Constitution of the United States.

What agreement created three separate branches of government?

The US Constitutional Convention was ratified in 1789. This "agreement of sorts" laid the foundation of the US having three separate branches of government in the Federal government.

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How is the us government different from governments in other democratic nations?

the united states created three main branches of government

Power in the United States government is divided into ____________.?

Three branches

How many branches are there in the government of the United States?

There are three branches of government executive judicial and legislative

What are the three branches of United States?

The 3 branches of government are: Legislative Executive Judicial

How many branches does the Japan government have?

three, executive,judiviary,and legeslative.

What are the names of the three branches of government?

The three branches of the government are the Legislative branch, the Executive branch, and the Judicial branch.There are three branches in the United States government. These branches would be legislative, judicial and executive.

Why do you think the government has three branches?

The United States government has three branches because the Founding Fathers believed the branches would check and balance each other.

Does Florida have the three branches of government like the US?

of course, they are a state in the United States. they have the same as Tennessee, Georgia, New York, all the states in the United States have the same 3 government branches.

What are the four branches of the goverenment?

There are only three branches of government in the United States. Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.

How is the United States government power split?

The three branches of government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.

What are the 3 areas of government?

The United States government is divided into three separate branches, each with distinct responsibilities. These are the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches.

Is the United States court system a law or service?

Neither. It is one of the three branches of government.