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At a national nominating convention, the presidential and vice president nominees are determined. Also the party comes up with its platform for the election.

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Q: What are the two most important decisions made at a national nominating convention?
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What factors led to the convention replacing the caucus?

are you in Cofer's hostory class too? - Maybe the national nominating convention... Jackson's supporters abandoned the unpopular caucus system and they replaced it with nominating convention.

How do you win delegates to the national nominating convention?

Primaries are a way that political parties can win delegates at the National Nominating Convention in some states. However, in Caucus states the delegates are chosen by the party.

When was the first major national presidential nominating convention was held in?


First president chosen by a national nominating convention?

William Howard Taft

What is the delegates main job at the national convention before nominating the parties candidate for president what is the delegates main job at the national convention?

To close it

In 1832 that system was replaced by the?

National Convention System of nominating presidential candidates.~Trollerton

This national convention committee must approve the delegations from each state?

The Nominating Convention pof both political parties.

How did the national convention system began for nominating presidential candidates?

The system the convention set up for choosing President was the electoral college.

What is the national nominating convention and what party held the first one?

to nominate their parities candidate for president.

National party nominating conventions take place to?

In the United States, a national party convention is the means by which the candidates for president and vice president are determined.

What developed the national convention system for nominating presidential candidates?

The national convention system for nominating presidential candidates was developed by the Democratic Party in the early 19th century. This system was established to provide a more formal and inclusive process for selecting candidates, allowing party members from different states to come together and choose their nominee. The convention system has since been adopted by other political parties in the United States.

How does a candidate win a state?

A presidential candidate wins a state by getting the most popular votes in the election. He typically gets the most popular votes by convincing the majority of voters that they will be better off if he is president that if his opponent if elected.