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B. Parties and interest groups

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Q: What are the two types of linkage institutions?
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What is a linkage institutions?

A linkage institution is a structure within a society that connects the people to the government or other centralized authority.

Why are interest groups considered linkage institutions?

Ask Baysdell

What are Political channels that transform people's concerns into political issues?

Linkage institutions

What term applies to organizations that help connect people to the government?

linkage institutions

Is the house of representatives a linkage institution?

Given the large population of the U.S., the United States House of Representatives would not be considered a linkage institution. Political parties themselves are an example of linkage institutions.

What are some examples of linkage institutions?

Some examples of linkage institutions are:political partiesinterest groupsmediaelectionsa political partyThe media, political parties, locally elected members of government, lobby groups, elections, etc.

Which types of institutions have the lowest interest rates on home loans?

Myrate and Homestar are two institutions which have the lowest interest rates on home loans available. They are two institutions used by many when it comes to home loans.

How do political parties transfer information to people?

Linkage institutions like television, internet and newspaper.

What are Two types of depository instiutions?

Banks Savings and Loans Institutions Credit Unions

What are the three types of institutions?

The three types of institutions are economic institutions (such as banks and corporations), social institutions (such as family and education systems), and political institutions (such as government and legal systems).

What are the different types of linkages in business?

outward and inward linkage

What are different types of bank institutions?

The different types of banking institutions are: Commercial banks, Credit Unions, and Online banks.