What are the types of public facilities?

Updated: 8/22/2023
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the facilities provided to the citizen of india by the government is called public facillities. the citizens must use it economically because these facillities are provided to the citizens so taht they can live a comfortable live. some common public facilities are:



health care

schoolling facillities

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There are many types of public facilities. Facilities can include schools, libraries, public washrooms, parks, streets, and police and fire stations.

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Q: What are the types of public facilities?
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What freedom did the civil rights acts of 1875 grants black patrons?

the right to use public facilities...

What are public recreation facilities?

Parks, games pitches, swimming pools etc. are public recreation facilities.

What are public facilities?

the facilities given to the people residing in that country are the public facilities of that country. e.g. -transports like train ,bus, auto rikshaw ,dustbins kept on roads etc.

Why is there a need for public facilities?

Public facilities? This could mean public restrooms and this case thank goodness or there would be no place for people to stop and relieve themselves. Public facilities .... Is also a library or other government funded place for assisting people with knowledge giving answers or simply education.

What are recreation facilities?

Parks, games pitches, Swimming Pools etc. are public recreation facilities.

What was the program called that funded projects to build public facilities?

public works program

What is the term for eliminating separation by race in public schools and other public facilities?


Where is the good facilities in the private or public?

Private hospitals

Where does the government get the money from for the public fACILITIES?

the government get money for public facilities fromthe various taxes like incometax,sales tax,housetax,water tax,road tax..........

What are 4 local public health and wellness facilities?


Why are people of India deprived of public facilities?

because they are indians!

What is taxed for income?

It is used to fund all public facilities.