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1. Government Accountability Office (GAO -- formerly General Accounting Office)

2. Congressional Budget Office (CBO)

3. Congressional Research Service (CRS)

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Q: What are three Congressional staff agencies?
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Why did the numbers of congressional staff increase rapidly after 1900?

the numbers of congressional staff never increased rapidly after 1900. - America Gov. Teacher... sike*The number of clerks began to increase when the new Senate Office Building opened, later named the Russell Senate Office Building.

Define Congressional Session?

A congressional session describes the period for which the American federal legislature convenes. Furthermore they are also special Congressional sessions, such as the emergency convening of the legislature.

The job of a congressional staff person is to? Description of a Congressional StafferCongressional staffers assist members of the U.S. Congress in the performance of their duties during each legislator's term in office. These employees handle a wide range of responsibilities, so there is no simple, one-size-fits-all description but rather many different positions that fall within this overall category.TYPES:jQuery('.intro .thumbnail').each(function(i,e){ jQuery(e).find('img').one('error',function(){ jQuery(e).remove(); }); }) A number of positions can be found on the staff of virtually every federal legislator. Although the titles may vary slightly, the essential functions are the same. These positions, according to, include chief of staff, legislative director, legislative assistants, press secretary, personal assistant or scheduler and caseworker. The staffs of some legislators also may include an executive assistant, executive secretary, legislative correspondent, office manager and receptionist.ResponsibilitiesThe ultimate responsibility of all staffers is to do their part to ensure that the legislator's office runs smoothly and that he is fully informed about matters pertinent to his constituents, committee responsibilities and voting schedule. Overseeing all staff operations is the chief of staff, while the press secretary or communications director manages the interface between the legislator and the public. The legislative director is responsible for overseeing various lawmaking initiatives and is assisted in that task by a team of legislative assistants. The personal assistant or scheduler is responsible for managing the legislator's schedule, while caseworkers assist constituents who need help in their dealings with the federal government.

What were the three rounds of reconstruction after the civil war?

Round 1: 1863-1866 Presidential ReconstructionRound 2: 1866-1873 Congressional ReconstructionRound 3: 1873-1877 "Redemption" of the South

The practice by congressional representatives of including language providing special benefits for their constituents in otherwise unrelated bills is called the?

The practice by congressional representatives of including language providing special benefits for their constituents in otherwise unrelated bills is called the earmark. A rule allowing a three-fifths majority of U.S. Senators to set a time limit on debate over a given bill is called cloture.

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The Congressional Research Service and the Government Accountability Office are examples of?

staff agencies

Who would members of congress most likely contact for information on pending revenue legislation?

The staff at one of the congressional support agencies.

What people would a member of congress most likely contact for information on pending revenue legislation?

the staff at one of congressional support agencies

What are four important support agencies in Congress?

There are approximately four important support agencies in Congress. The support agencies are the Congressional Budget Office, Congressional Research Service, General Accountability Office, and the Technology Assessment Office.

Can congressional committees check on agencies in the executive branch?


What is the average size of a congressional staff?

On average, a member of Congress employs around 14 staff members. This includes a mix of personal staff who work directly for the member and committee staff who support their work on congressional committees. Staffing levels can vary based on a variety of factors.

How are congressional staff members appointed?

They aren't appointed, but hired.

Which congressional agency oversees the operation and finances of executive agencies?


What carry out public by performing tasks with the help of staff agencies?

Line Agencies

Who are the people sitting behind congress at a Congressional Hearing?

staff and aides

Government agencies write regulations to implement Congressional enactments by what way?


What is the purpose of staff agencies?

Staff agencies were created to save company time and money. They do background checks and pull together various candidates for the job.