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Lewis Latimer did not receive much, as far as awards. He was awarded many patents, and he has had a school named after him in his memory.

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He invented the lightbulb and won the Nobel Prize

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Q: What awards did Louis Latimer receive?
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Does Lewis latimer have children's?

he does have children in fact he has 2 *Emma J. Latimer* *Louis R. Latimer

What ethnicity was Louis Latimer?

Lewis Howard Latimer (September 4, 1848 - December 11, 1928) was an African American inventor and draftsman.

Did Lewis latimer have kids?

Yes he did I looked it up and I thought that somewhere some kid might have to look up this so yes. His children were named; Emma J. Latimer Louis R. Latimer

Was Louis latimer married?

yes, he was he married to Mary Wilson on December 10,1873.

How many children did Louis latimer howard and Mary Wilson have?

2 children

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Was Lewis latimer married?

Yes Lewis Latimer was married. He was married to Mary Wilson and had 2 kids named Emma J. Latimer and Louis R. Laimer. He had four siblings and was born in Chelsea Massachusetts in 1848. I hope this helped. :)

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