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Thats a good list but those arent all Americans. The most American casulites was the Battle of the Bulge

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Q: What battle in American history caused the most deaths of American citizens?
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What caused the battle at Yorktown?

the american revolution

What battle caused the French to enter the American revolution on the side of the colonists?

the battle of Saratoga

The actins of this man and his troops caused much anger among the Mexicans?

The US citizens and his troops is what caused anger among the Mexicans. This was done in history.

Which ship caused the biggest oil spill in american history?


What 1781 battle of French and American forces caused the British government to eventually negotiate an end to the American Revolutionary War?

The Battle of Yorktown, although it was not a direct end to the war.

How many refugees were caused by Hurricane Katrina?

It is estimated that Hurricane Katrina displaced around 1.2 million people, many of whom were considered refugees due to the destruction of their homes and communities. The hurricane caused a major humanitarian crisis and led to one of the largest displacements of American citizens in recent history.

What historical events happened during 1600s?

In the 1600s the Peruvian volcano called Huaynaputina exploded and caused one of the most violent eruptions in South American history. The Battle at Newport also took place n the 1600s.

What caused the battle of Sibuyan Sea?

The largest naval battle in history was the Battle of Leyte Gulf fought in October 1944 during WW2. The Battle of the Sibuyan Sea was part of that battle. The Battle of Leyte Gulf was in preparation for the invasions of allied troops into the Philippines; the 2nd Battle of the Philippines.

What war battle caused most deaths in world history?

The Battle of Stalingrad during the Second World War cost the lives of about 2 million people . This was the costliest battle in human history . Below is a relevant link to the battle of Stalingrad .

What battle caused Louis XVI to officially recognize the American cause for independence?

After the victory of the Continental Army at Saratoga, where 7,000 British troops were captured. This also caused the Spanish to consider recognizing the fledgling American nation.

What caused the battle of the civil war?

The bombing of Fort Sumter caused the battle!

Which war in history claimed the most amount of lives?

Battle of the Alamo caused the most fatalities of any war thus far.