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Battles fought in New Jersey included the Battle of Princeton and the Battle of Trenton. The latter was fought after and as a result of Washington's famous crossing of the Delaware River.

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Two battles were the Battle of Princeton and the Battle of Trenton, but I think there were more.

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Trenton and Princeton

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Q: What battles were fought in New Jersey?
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Where were early battles of the Revolutionary War fought?

Early battles of the American Revolution were fought in Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey.

How many battles of the American Revolutionary War were fought in New York?

About one hundred battles were fought in New Jersey.

What state is known as the Pathway to the Revolution?

New Jersey. Over 100 battles were fought there

How many battles were fought in the union in the civil war?

In the civil warwas fought in the states of Maine New Jersey New York Maryland and penn. state there battles were 6 there were only 6 battles yet oen of the deadlist

What role did New Jersey play in the American revolution?

It was one of the 13 colonies and battles were fought there. Men died and fought from the colony.

In which state were the most US Civil War battles Revalutionary fought battles fought?

New York saw the most battles during the Revolutionary War. A total of one third of all battles during the war were fought there. The Battle of Saratoga, New York was a turning point, and was instrumental in getting the colonists supports from the European rivals of Britain, France and Spain.

Why did New Jersey play an important role in the Revolutionary war?

New Jersey is called the Pathway of the revolution because it is an expression of how much battles are fought in New Jersey

In which region did the colonists win the most battles?

The north eastern region of the colonies was where most of the early battles of the revolution was fought. The ports made them accessible to troops and supplies.

Which colony were the battles of Trenton?

New Jersey

Was the revolutionary war in Boston?

Yes it was, but that was not the only place. There were battles that occurred in a number of cities, as the Americans fought for their independence. Boston was one of the cities where the war was fought, but there were also battles in Concord and Lexington (Massachusetts), and in such places as White Plains and Fort Ticonderoga (New York), Princeton and Monmouth (New Jersey), and Yorktown (Virginia).

Who won the battles at Trenton and Princeton New Jersey?


What state was the Battle of Trenton fought in?

The Battle of Trenton was fought at Trenton, New Jersey.