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The Freeport Doctrine was Stephen Douglas's answer to Lincoln's question, in which he explained that slavery could only exist where there was a slave code. If a state did not pass the necessary laws to protect slavery, then they could not have slavery exist there. He argued that a territory had the right to exclude slavery, despite the Supreme Court decision in the Dred Scott case.

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The Freeport Doctrine refers to the speech that was made by Stephen A. Douglas on the 27th of August 1858 in Freeport. The significance is that this was one of the reasons that he lost the 1860 presidential elections.

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Who wrote the freeport doctrine?

Stephen Douglas

In what doctrine did Stephen Douglas say that a territory could prohibit slavery?

Freeport Doctrine

Did Douglas outlined his political views in the Freeport Doctrine?


Douglas's stand that people could exclude slavery by refusing to pass laws protecting slaveholders' rights came to be known as?

It was known as the Freeport Doctrine.

How did the Freeport Doctrine affect the 1860 Presidential election?

The Freeport Doctrine affected the outcome of the election of 1860 in many ways. When it was initially created, many citizens liked it and agreed, but not the Southerners. They disagreed and did not like the Doctrine, which cost Douglas, the creator, his potential presidency.

What is the name of Stephen Douglas argument in the Stephen-Douglas debate?

freeport doctrine

Two adjectives that describe Freeport Doctrine?

i don know maybe sus

What was Stephen A Douglas's freeport doctrine?

Stephen Douglas' Freeport Doctrine referred to the proposal that territories had the right to refuse slavery if they chose. This was against a Supreme Court decision. The doctrine was espoused in his debates with Abraham Lincoln in 1858.

In the Douglas stated that the people of a territory ultimately decided whether or not they wanted slavery?

freeport doctrine

What part of speech is doctrine?

Doctrine is a noun. It defines a policy or way of doing something.

Who was a democrat who stated in the Freeport Doctrine that territories had a legal right to keep out slavery?

Stephen Douglas - Apex

What is the significance of the freeport doctrine?

The individual territories can choose to abolish slavery in that territory if they descide they wish to do so. Evie