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It encouraged settlers to move west at little expense

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Q: What best describes how the Homestead Act helped lead to the closing of the western frontier?
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What was like for people who moved west to homestead on the western frontier in the 1800s?

It was miserable.

What region of the us was mostly affected by the Homestead Act?

The western frontier. 160 acres was given to anyone willing to move west

What diagram shows how the completion of the transcontinental railroad contributed to the closing of the western frontier?

Greater ease of travel higher demand for unclaimed territory

When was Western Frontier Force created?

Western Frontier Force was created in 1915.

What national issues emerged in the process of closing the western frontier?

The western frontier was not so much closed as inundated with so many people that it was no longer a "frontier". The urge to explore and go further into parts unknown moved people to start exploring the pacific ocean and trade routes to Asia/Australia/Hawaii once California and Oregon and Washington were conquered.

What is the ISBN of The Closing of the Western Mind?

The ISBN of The Closing of the Western Mind is 140004085X.

Who stimulated western settlement?

The Homestead Act is what stimulated the western settlement.

What region was the western frontier in 1850?

West of the Mississippi was considered the Frontier.

How many pages does The Closing of the Western Mind have?

The Closing of the Western Mind has 434 pages.

After the revolutionary war many settlers moved to n ew york's western frontier and beyond which term best describes this group of people?

After the Revolutionary War many settler moved to New York's western frontier and beyond. Patroons is the term that can best describe this group of people.

what products were common along the colonies' western frontier?

Furs were most common along the western frontier.

In 1850 what region of the US was considered the western frontier?

The Western Frontier was from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.