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Cheyenne Wyoming would be named after the Cheyenne tribe.

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Q: What capital city is named after an Indian tribe?
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What was Mexico city called when it was the capital of an Indian empire?

It was named Tenochtitlan, by the Aztec empire.

Is Kansas City named after Kansas?

Both Kansas and Kansas City are named for Kansas River, which is in turn named for the local Kanza Indian tribe. The city was established before Kansas itself was even made a territory.

What reigon did the Chickasaw Indians live in Kentucky?

what city in kentucky was named after the chickasaw indian tribe leader?

What is the name of Ottawa in French?

The city Ottawa was named after a native American tribe

What state has the capital city named Montpeleir?

Vermont has a capital city named Montpelier.

What country has a capital city named Blackpool?

No country has a capital city named Blackpool

What is the capital city of British Indian Ocean Territory?

The capital city of British Indian Ocean Territory is Diego Garcia.

What was the capital city of the Tribe of Benjamin?

The tribe of Benjamin was adjacent to Judah; and the capital city of the nation, Jerusalem, was shared by these two tribes. So Jerusalem could also be called the capital of Benjamin.

What is the only state capital named for a french city?

Vermont's capital, Montpelier, is named for a French city, Montpellier.

What is the capital of Missouri?

The capital of Missouri is Jefferson City. Jefferson City became the capital in 1821 and is named after President Thomas Jefferson.

Of which Indian Ocean island country is Tananarive the capital city?

Madagascar is the Indian Ocean island country of which Tananarive [Antananarivo] is the capital city.

How did Liberias capital city get its name?

The capital city was named after president Monroe.