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McCarthy's supporters believed that he was motivated by concern for his country and wanted to protect it from subversive and Communist elements. Opponents believe that McCarthy was motivated by his own ego or other negative motives.

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Senator Joseph McCarthy from Wisconsin, who was convinced that there were communists everywhere and accused many people of being communists. In the end, he accused people of being communists who were innocent and was shown to a fraud.

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the fear that communists were all around Americans , in thaeir shops in their homes and in their seats of power. the reason for this fear of communism was that America was rich and communism was spreading , if the rest of the world succumbed to communism , America wouldn't be able to trade and would become poor.

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As World War II was about done, a young politico by the name of Richard Milhouse Nixon thought he could get popular and gain votes if he showed how patriotic he was. (He was not accepted by any military service during the war, so he felt like a loser, you see). Nixon was the person who noticed that some movie actors were Communists, which was a terrible (but legal) thing to be, back then. (As now).

Nixon's unlawful persecutions and humiliations of actors and others was a blatant ignoring of these peoples' civil rights. As Nixon started growing weary of persecuting Communists (which was and is legal), a new senator named McCarthy took over, and made the persecution a horrible, punishing process for actors, especially. No one was guilty, as there was and is not law about joining the Communist Party, but McCarth ruined a number of good people and excellent actors by having them blacklisted by their studios. (The studio heads were terrified that they would be called to testify by McCarthy.)

If you ever saw the movies, "Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men", the actor who played the old crusty grandfather was Burgess Meredith. Meredity was a dashing, handsome leading man in the 1920s to the 1940s, but he was blacklisted and could not get an acting job for decades.

That . . . is what McCarthyism was, and now is used to mean activity similar to the above.

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Q: What caused the hysteria of McCarthyism?
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What are three similarities of Salem witch trail and mccarthyism?

Both were caused by a hysteria that made people accuse others of being something feared in that day. In Salem, it was witches. In the senate it was communists.

How do you use hysteria in a sentence?

The events of 9/11 caused mass hysteria in the immediate area. Synonyms for the word hysteria are panic, agitation, and nervousness.

What human emotion caused this extreme reaction to potential communism?

Fear caused McCarthyism

How do you use the word hysteria in a sentence?

The giant crocodile that escaped and ran wild in the public swimming pool caused widespread hysteria.

Why was Miller was motivated to write the crucible?

The whole play was a metaphor for mass hysteria and intolerance. Miller wrote it to denounce McCarthyism in the US (anti-Communist witch hunt).

What is the entomology of the word hysteria?

The word "hysteria" comes from the Greek word "hystera," which means uterus. In ancient medicine, it was believed that hysteria was caused by disturbances in the uterus. However, modern understanding recognizes hysteria as a historical diagnosis largely attributed to women with unexplained symptoms.

Was the trial and conviction of Sacco and Vanzetti an example of the hysteria caused by the red scare of the 1920s?

Yes. ha.

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What is hysteria?

HYSTERIA IS MASS PANIC ---- Hysteria is a generic term for a condition with a non-organic cause.

What is the significance of Senator Joseph McCarthy?

McCarthyism are attacks (made) by Senator Joseph McCarthy (and others).

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Historical context of Salem and McCarthyism?

In both cases, a topic that brought fear to the people at the time (in Salem, the witches or Satan. In Post WW2 America, communism) was used to drive hysteria and persecute innocent people. In both cases, victims were forced to confess and name others who would also be persecuted. In Salem, many lives were lost and during McCarthyism, many lives were ruined.