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At daybreak on December 29, 1890, Col. Forsyth ordered the surrender of weapons and the immediate removal and transportation of the Indians from the "zone of military operations" to awaiting trains. Specific details of what triggered the fight are debated. According to some accounts, a medicine man named Yellow Bird began to perform the Ghost Dance, reiterating his assertion to the Lakota that the ghost shirts were bulletproof. As tension mounted, Black Coyote refused to give up his rifle; he was deaf and had not understood the order. Another Indian said: "Black Coyote is deaf." (He did not speak English). When the soldier refused to heed his warning, he said "Stop! He cannot hear your orders!" At that moment, two soldiers seized Black Coyote from behind, and in the struggle (allegedly), his rifle discharged. At the same moment Yellow Bird threw some dust into the air, and approximately five young Lakota men with concealed weapons threw aside their blankets and fired their rifles at Troop K of the 7th. After this initial exchange, the firing became indiscriminate.


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the raids and the discovery of gold in the Black Hills

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Q: What caused the wounded knee massacre?
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What caused the Massacre at wounded Knee?

The Massacre at Wounded Knee was caused by the federal government attempting to forcefully remove the Native Americans to reservations. The Massacre at Wounded Knee occurred on December 29,1890.

What was the last major event of the Indians war?

Wounded Knee Massacre

Which event marked the end of the Indian wars?

Battle of Wounded Knee.

What ended at the massacre at wounded knee?

The massacre at Wounded Knee was the last battle of the American Indian Wars.

What is the significant of the battle of wounded knee?

It was called The Wounded Knee Massacre. It was what caused the Sioux to unofficially surrender, due to small rebellion forces against the U.S. armies, although no successful attacks were made after The Wounded Knee Massacre, making it the unofficial Sioux surrender.

Where did the wounded knee massacre take place?

Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota

When was the battle of Wounded knee was fought when?

The Wounded Knee MASSACRE occurred on December 29, 1890.

What was the significance of wounded knee?

The wounded knee massacre is considered the ending of the "free Indian" in 1890.

Where was the battle at wounded knee fought?

It was never a battle. It was a massacre. It was over by Wounded Knee Creek.

What state did the wounded knee take place?

The Wounded Knee Massacre took place at Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota on December 29, 1890

What sort of cermonies did the Sioux Indians have?

A number of different ceremonies, but the one which caused the massacre at Wounded Knee was The Ghost Dance

What massacre marks the final defeat of the Indians in 1890?

Wounded Knee Massacre.