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Lincoln lived at New Salem and at Springfield. The village at New Salem has been restored to look as it did when Lincoln lived there and his house in Springfield is open to visitors. The is also a new Lincoln museum in Springfield.

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Abraham Lincoln lived in Hodgenville, Kentucky and Springfield, Illinois. When he was President of the United States, he lived in Washington D.C.

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Q: What city did Abraham Lincoln live in?
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What city of illiniose did Abraham Lincoln live in?

Lincoln lived in Springfield, Illinois.

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Where did Abraham Lincoln live at first?

Abraham Lincoln first lived in Hodgenville ,Kentucky

Did Abraham Lincoln live in India?

No, the famous Abraham Lincoln was a resident (and President) of the USA.

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What city was Abraham Lincoln buried in?

Abraham Lincoln was buried in the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois.

Did Abraham Lincoln live in Alabama?

Yes he did

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Where did Abraham Lincoln live after presidency?

He didn't.

Where Abraham Lincoln lived over lifetime?

Did Abraham Lincoln ever live with his father who was a sharecropper in Perrysburg NY .

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The word is "Abraham Lincoln".