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Q: What continent in the east of the US has coca cola?
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Does coca cola taste the same in Russia as in the US?

All coca cola's taste the same everywhere.

Where was Coca-Cola made?


Does Coca-Cola have alcohol in?

No Coca Cola is a soft drink that the Coca Cola company made years where most of us werent born it is a simple soft drink it has no alcohol

What is the biggest industry in the US?


What the US faviorte drink?


What are Coca Cola product mix?

Coca cola is a fizzy drink it is manufactured by the coca cola company in the US. There is one original flavor plus 8 special flavors the recipe is a closely guarded secret.

What is the most brand in the us?

It is Coca-Cola, according to a 2007 business week survey. I would guess probably Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple

What state us is number 1 in Coca-Cola?


What term did Coca-Cola us to describe imitators?


Where can one find information on collectible Coca Cola cans?

We can find information on collectible Coca Cola cans in superstores, supermarkets, in every place which sell to us products of coca cola company. You will find there more and more gifts.

What happens when you put sugar in cola?

Most of the Coca-Cola in the US uses high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar. There is no need to add sugar to Coca-Cola. For a nice classic cocktail, try adding rum or whiskey to Coca-Cola with ice and a wedge of lemon or lime.

In what US city is the Coca-Cola Bottling company?

Atlanta, GA