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A creek is a natural flowing stream of water smaller than a river that is also referred to as a brook.

A creek is also a small coastal inlet

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Q: What determines a creek is a creek?
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Where is the Alum Creek in Alum Creek located?

The address of the Alum Creek is: Fuquay Creek, Alum Creek, 25003 0530

What is the real name of the creek in dawson's creek?

a summarhill creek

What are some interesting facts about the creek tribe?

The creek has a central square, The creek made things by hand and the creek had a government

What US States have Colorado rivers or streams named after them?

There is the:Arkansas River,Colorado River,Florida River,Illinois River,Michigan River,Idaho Creek,Indiana Creek,Maryland Creek,Minnesota Creek,Montana Creek,Virginia Creek,Missouri Creek, (six different creeks),New York Creek, (two different creeks),Ohio Creek, (two different creeks),Pennsylvania Creek, (two different creeks),Tennesee Creek, (two different creeks), andTexas Creek, (of which there are seven different creeks).

What are the forty two rivers in Maryland?

As you are not specific as to the criteria regarding which 42 of all Maryland's rivers - Anacostia River Antietam Creek Back River Ballenger Creek Bear Creek Big Pipe Creek Bird River Blackwater River Bodkin Creek Bread and Cheese Creek Broad Run Budds Creek Bush River Casselman River Cabin John Creek Carroll Branch Catoctin Creek Chester River Choptank River Christina River Conococheague Creek Cuckold Creek Curtis Creek Deer Creek Deep Run Dividing Creek Dry Seneca Creek Dundee Creek Elk River Flintstone Creek Frog Mortar Creek Furnace Creek Georges Creek Great Seneca Creek Gunpowder Falls Gwynns Falls Hawlings River Herring Run Horsepen Branch Indian Creek (Anacostia River) Indian Creek (Patuxent River) Jones Falls Licking Creek Limekiln Branch Little Choptank River Little Falls Branch Little Monocacy River Little Paint Branch Little Pipe Creek Little Seneca Creek Lyons Creek Magothy River Marley Creek Marshyhope Creek Mattawoman Creek Middle Creek (Toms Creek) Middle River Minnehaha Branch Monocacy River Moores Run Muddy Branch Nanjemoy Creek Nanticoke River North East River Octoraro Creek Paint Branch Patapsco River Patuxent River Piscataway Creek Pocomoke River Port Tobacco River Potomac River Rhode River Rock Creek Rock Run (Potomac River) St. Marys River Saltpeter Creek Sassafras River Savage River Seneca Creek Severn River Sideling Hill Creek South River Sligo Creek Stony Creek Susquehanna River Swanson Creek Toms Creek Tuckahoe Creek Watts Branch (Anacostia River) Watts Branch (Potomac River) West River Wicomico River (Potomac River tributary) Wicomico River (Maryland eastern shore) Wills Creek (North Branch Potomac River) Wye River Youghiogheny River

Is Pine Creek the longest creek in Pennsylvania?

No, the Conodoguinet Creek is longer. Pine Creek is 86 miles long, but the Conodoguinet is 104.

Creek a proper noun?

The word creek is a common noun. When used in the name of a creek, the name or title for something. Examples:Fall Creek Falls, Pikeville, TNColdwater Creek (clothing)Blue Creek Elementary School, Jacksonville, NCDawson's Creek (TV program)Fly Creek, NY 13337Creek Nation Casino, Muscogee, OK

Is creek common or proper noun?

The word creek is a common noun unless used for a specific creek such as Rock Creek in Washington, DC or a proper name such as Coldwater Creek fashions.

Was there an actual creek at the battle of kettle creek?

was the battle of kettle creek an american defeat

A tributary is a smaller river that runs into a larger river name three tributaries of the Verde River?

Tangle Creek, Granite Creek, Sycamore Creek, Wet Bottom Creek, East Verde River, Fossil Creek and Oak Creek.

Where is the Beech Creek Marsh Creek Watershed Heritage Museum in Beech Creek Pennsylvania located?

The address of the Beech Creek Marsh Creek Watershed Heritage Museum is: Po Box 484, Beech Creek, PA 16822-0484

What is the name of a river in Antigua and Barbuda?

Antigua and Barbuda have no rivers. Antigua has three streams: Ayers Creek, Cooks Creek, and Fitches Creek.