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To reunite the Union. He even offered to let them keep their slaves if they rejoined by a certain date.

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"Preserving the Union"

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To free slaves!

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Preserving the Union

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Q: What did Abraham Lincoln say he was trying to do by going to war with the south?
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Who was the president during the time of the civil war and what does he say he is trying to do by going top the war with the south?

Abraham Lincoln

Who was a friend of the South and assassination victim?

McKinleyPresident Abraham Lincoln.

What did abrahan Lincoln say he is trying to do by going to war with the south?

end slavery

Who did Abraham Lincoln affect?

the south

How did Abraham Lincoln's reflection affect the south?

Abraham Lincon idiot.

Did Abraham Lincoln forgive the south?


Which candidate in the 1860s election was not on the ballot in most southern states?

Abraham Lincoln was not on the ballot in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

What caused Abraham Lincoln to die?

He was shot and killed by William Booth, someone who lived in the North. (Abraham Lincoln was the South)

Why Jefferson Davis choose to attack fort Sumter after Abraham Lincoln refused to reinforce it?

He was trying to demonstrate that the whole of South Carolina was Confederate territory.

What did Lincoln say in his inaugural address?

Abraham Lincoln's first inaugural address was about the Southern states that were trying to secede. He said that the Union was could not be separated and said he did not want to send soldiers to the South.

How did Abraham Lincoln plan to weaken the south?

Abraham Lincoln wanted to make sure the south couldn't trade with the British so they wouldn't be able to revive weapons

Was Abraham Lincoln's name on the ballot in the south?

yes he was