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paleo Indians

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Q: What did Archaeologists call the earliest Americans?
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What do you call a group of archaeologists?

a tomb of archeaologists

What do archaeologists call the basic unit in th Aztec and Maya system of writing?

Archaeologists call the basic unit in the Aztec and Mayan system of writing is called a glyph.

Some Indian archaeologists claim that the earliest earthquake in the Indian Suncontinent took place at the Harrapan site of?

i think lothal

What do you call a person that searches for Egyptian tombs?

They are called archaeologists.

What do you mean by the great bath?

Why do archaeologists call the great bath

Were did the fossil sites did archaeologists find the earliest homo erectus remains?

Archaeologists found the earliest Homo erectus remains mainly in East Africa, particularly in locations such as Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania and Koobi Fora in Kenya. These sites have provided significant insights into the evolution and behavioral patterns of this early human ancestor.

Why have the archaeologists and native Americans sometimes clashed over the digging up of a burial ground?


Why have the archaeologists and native Americans sometimes clashed over the digging up of burial grounds?


What region did the earliest Americans cross to reach the continent?


What is the following is not a way in which archaeologist have learned about the first Americans?

One way archaeologists have not learned about the first Americans is through direct contact with their descendants. The first Americans arrived thousands of years ago, so there are no direct descendants still living. Archaeologists must rely on artifacts, fossils, and other evidence left behind to understand the history of the first Americans.

Why do you think archaeologists have found so few artifacts from the earliest Americans?

The information available to archaeologist about early Native American cultures is very limited because the race was at risk of being completely eliminated by the Europeans. The people and the belongings were destroyed. Therefore the culture had a lot of history erased.

What is it when Archaeologists call the period before humans left written records?