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The Statue of Liberty The Statue of Liberty

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the Statue of Liberty

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Q: What did France give to the US in the 1880's?
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What does France give us?

French people

When was Vietnam taken over by France?

The French presence in what they called Indochina began in the 1880s.

Did they have cars in France 1900?

Yes, the first car was invented in Germany in the late 1880s

What country give the statue of liberty to the US?


What did the US give France?

Freedom from German domination.

What month did the US give France money during the XYZ Affair?

they never did give France money during the xyz affair.

Which country give the statue of liberty to the US as a gift?


Did France give the US Puerto Rico in 1898?

No, it was Spain.

What did France give the US during 1885-1889?

the statue of liberty

what where the names of the people that give us the statue of liberty?

The government of France

Did France build the statue of liberty and give it to the US?

Yes, that is how the US got the famous statue.

What were the colonies established by France in Africa in the 1880s?

French Tunisia (1881)French Dahomey (1883)French Sudan (1883)