What did James b duke invent?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What did James b duke invent?
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What did James Buchanan Duke invent?

. Tabaco

When was James B. Duke House created?

James B. Duke House was created in 1912.

Who is James b duke and what did he invented?

He is the man who invented cigarettes.

What did Duke of Wellington invent?

A skyscraper

What nineteenth-century indistrailist which is most closely associated with railroading?

James b duke

When was James A. Duke born?

James A. Duke was born in 1929.

What did the duke of bridgewater invent?

the first canal in London

Did James Creighton Invent Hockey?

James Creighton did invent hockey

When was James 'Red' Duke born?

James 'Red' Duke was born in 1928.

What did Duke of Bridgewater invent?

He invented the first canal in London.

What religion was james Duke of York?

James Duke of York was a catholic like his mother.

What did William James Morrison invent?

William James Morrison invent cotton candy