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John Sutter had a paper mill and his apprentice James Marshall accidentilly found gold. Sam Brannon told and 50 thousand people came and trampled his crops, stole his animals and tools. It was his mill so that's how he became famous. He died from a heart attack by the way.

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Q: What did John Sutter do to be famous?
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Who are california's famous people?

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What was John Sutter's nationatily?

John Sutter was Swiss.

Who were John Sutter's parents?

John Sutter's parents were Jacob Sutter and Jane Brewer.

How old was John Sutter in 1880?

John Sutter was 77

When did John sutter die?

John Sutter died in 1880.

What does the A stand for in John A Sutter?

The "A" in John A. Sutter stands for "Augustus."

Did John Sutter go to school?

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Who made sutter's fort?

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What is John Sutter's middle name?


What are facts about sutter's fort?

john a. sutter built it

Who owned the land where gold was discovered in California?

Sutter's Mill in Caloma, California by James Marshall