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Leave the United States to escape discrimination

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Q: What did Marcus Garvey encouraged African American to?
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Marcus gravey was an african-american leader who encouraged his followers to?

Marcus Garvey encouraged his followers to go back to Africa and "redeem" it for their people.

What leading African American was a black nationalist?

Marcus garvey

Which African American figure was famous for opposing integration?

Marcus Garvey

Both Ida B.Wells and Marcus Garvey supported the position that?

african americans had to leave the south to avoid injustice~apex

Which leader placed a special importance on African Americans taking pride in their African heritage?

Marcus Garvey.......apex

Which leader placed a special importance on African Americans taking pride in the African heritage?

Marcus Garvey placed a special importance of African Americans taking pride in their African heritage.

What was Marcus Garvey's contribution to the world?

marcus garvey was a great nation hero because he fought for black people

Why did so many African-American leaders reject Marcus Garvey?

Marcus Garvey was a Rastafarian & believed all of Africa should unite,unlike Washington & DuBois who limited it to American blacks

Jamaican-born leader who enhanced African-American pride despite his failed migration plans?

marcus garvey

I called for an Africa for the Africans at home and abroad i wanted people to take pride in their African heritage and wrote the souls of black folk who am i?

marcus garvey

What did Marcus garvey encourage?

Marcus Garvey changed our lives by letting us roam NYC (BEST sty )by EN' ASIA SMITH

What did Marcus Garvey encouraged African Americans to do?

Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) was born in Jamaica and travelled widely examining the status of blacks in Europe and America. He decided that they could only achieve parity with whites by uniting under their African heritage. He was a major leader in the Pan-African Movement, and also supported the continued colonization of Liberia in Africa. His movement of "African Redemption" became known as Garveyism, and was one basis for the Rastafari religious movement, where he is revered as a prophet. hope it helped :)