What did Phillis Wheatley wear?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She was dressed poorly for she was a servant and slave. She wore long skirts and shirts that can to her elbow. If you were to grade her based on how she looked it would be a 2 not one because she di not wear rags but 2.

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Q: What did Phillis Wheatley wear?
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Did Phillis Wheatley wear polka dots?

yes she did

Was phillis wheatley patriotic?

Yes, Phillis Wheatley was a patriot.

When did Phillis Wheatley have her kids?

MaryElizaGeorgethese were Phillis Wheatley's children

Is phillis wheatley related to john wheatley?

No. John Wheatley bought phillis at a slave auction

Who taught Phillis Wheatley to read?

Mary wheatley tought phillis how to read.( Mary is phillis's daughter.)

Is phillis wheatley's husband still alive.?

Phillis Wheatley's husband is dead

Was John Wheatley the master of Phillis Wheatley?

Phillis Wheatley was a slave to Susannah and John Wheatley. John Wheatley bought her at a slave sale on the Boston wharf.

How many brothers and sisters did Phillis Wheatley?

did phillis wheatley have any sisters and brothers

When did phillis wheatley die?

Phillis Wheatley died December 25 2009 at 12;00pm in her sleep.

What is phillis wheatleys middle name?

her middle name was Sasha

Is wheatley college named after phillis wheatley?


What did phillis wheatley do in her childhood?

Phillis wrote poems