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He stepped forward to break Baseball's color barrier. He stepped forward to break baseball's color barrier.

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2009-01-03 20:15:33
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Q: What did branch rickey want in baseball?
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When and where was baseball player Branch Rickey born?

Branch Rickey was born December 20, 1881, in Flat, OH, USA.

When and where did baseball player Branch Rickey die?

Branch Rickey died December 9, 1965, in Columbia, MO, USA.

Who got Derek Jeter into baseball?

Branch Rickey

Who signed Jackie Robinson in baseball?

branch rickey

Why did branch rickey integrate baseball?

Branch Rickey was the general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers. His main goal was to make baseball a national pastime for all Americans.

Why did Branch Rickey want to integrate baseball?

There are three possible answers toi why Branch Rickey wanted to integrate baseball. First off, he wanted the publicity for his team. The second reason was talent. No other team had tried integration, so this gave him numerous athletic black players to chose from. Lastly, Branch Rickey was very religious. He did not want to segregate in the face of his God.

What college team did Branch Rickey coach for?

Branch Rickey coached baseball at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania in 1904 and 1905

What is the birth name of Branch Rickey?

Branch Rickey's birth name is Wesley Branch Rickey.

How tall is Branch Rickey?

Branch Rickey is 5' 9".

What is the value of a Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey signed baseball?


What nicknames did Branch Rickey go by?

Branch Rickey went by The Mahatma.

Who authored Rickey and one man play?

I am sorry but I am a little confused about the question. There have been several biographies written about Branch Rickey. Arthur Mann wrote Branch Rickey: American in Action in 1957. David Lipman wrote Mr. Baseball: The Story of Branch Rickey in 1966. Murray Polner wrote Branch Rickey in 1982. Harvey Frommer, Rickey and Robinson: The Men Who Broke Baseball's Color Barrier in 1982. If this is not what you were looking for please write back with a more detailed description.

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