What did muckrakers write about?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Scandals- mainly political scandals,

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  1. Corrupt business practices
  2. Corrupt government officials
  3. Unhealthy food processing

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Q: What did muckrakers write about?
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What did muckrakers write about mostly in the government and business?

They expose wrongdoings, malpractices etc eg Watergate

How did muckrakers change government 1800s?


When was The Muckrakers created?

The Muckrakers was created in 1997.

What nickname was use to describe investigate reporters?


Which term describes the investigative journalists who wrote about injustice unfairness and corruption?

The term that describes investigative journalists who write about injustice, unfairness, and corruption is muckrakers. Muckrakers are journalists who aim to expose societal issues and hold those in power accountable through investigative reporting. Their work often leads to social and political change.

What company did muckrakers Ida Tarbell write about?

standard oil

Is muckrakers a noun?

Yes the word muckrakers is a noun. It is the plural of muckraker.

Progressive journalists who reported on society problems were called?


Why might some journalists like to be called muckrakers while others dislike the term?

Muckrakers is a negative term, meaning they dig for bad things (dirt) on people. Writers who write for tabloid papers, such as The National Inquirer or The Star, that you see on the newsstands by cash registers at grocery stores, like to be called muckrakers because they make a living off of it.

How did the muckrakers attitudes about government affect their reform efforts?

Muckrakers disliked the political corruption and social injustice of the industrial age. Interest in muckrakers led to reform.

What term describes authors such as Upton Sinclair and Ida Tarbell who exposed corruption in business and government?

Muckrakers was a term used for jouralists that exposed the ills of society, it comes from John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress.

. Socially conscious writers who dramatized the need for reform were known as .?

muckrakers {NOVANET}