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Q: What did native Americans from the eastern woodlands were?
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Where did Native Americans who spoke Algonquian?

The Eastern Woodlands

How did the native americanes of the eastern woodlands use the natural resources in their environment?

how did native Americans of the eastern woodlands use the Natural Resources in their environment

What native Americans that lived in the eastern woodlands?

The chereokee the pohatan and the monacan.

Native Americans who spoke Algonquian lived where?

The Eastern Woodlands; Apex.

Where did native Americans who spoke in Algonquian live?

The Eastern Woodlands; Apex.

What native Americans regions was wood one of the most important resource?

Eastern woodlands and northwest

Where did native American who spoke Algonquian live?

The Eastern Woodlands

What was the transportation of the Eastern Woodland Indians?

How did the Algonquian travel

What was the eastern woodlands culutre group?

To answer this question we need to have a specific tribe to answer. There were millions of Native Americans and each had its own cultures.

What did the eastern woodlands native Americans live in?

Eastern Woodlands Native Americans typically lived in longhouses made of bark, saplings, and woven mats. These longhouses were large, communal structures shared among multiple families or extended family groups. They were well-suited to the resource-rich environment of the Eastern Woodlands, allowing for ample space and protection during the region's varied weather conditions.

How did the eastern woodlands Indians adapt to their environment?

The Eastern Woodlands Native Americans tried their best to survive using the natural resources available.

Native American tribes in the eastern woodlands spoke?

In that area there were many people living there. You need to provide a tribal name. In the area where Jamestown was built there was an empire of 15,000 Native Americans and in North America were millions of Native Americans.