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he made clear that slavery could not be heald any longer because it is rasis to our sisity and he said thers nothing diffrent about blacks and whits mexicans,italians africans,cubans,haitis or any thing is the same in this sisity starting right now!!!!!!

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Q: What did president Lincoln's speech make clear about the war?
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When did President Lincolns speech The Gettysburg Address make clear about the Battle of Gettysburg?

* He made it clear that democracy, a united country, and abolition of slavery were causes worth fighting for to the bitter end. * What was clear to me was that he said we can not dedicate this battlefield any more than those who shed their blood have already done. * One view is that when president Lincoln gave the speech, he was trying to impress on us that the soldiers were trying to help us keep our country safe. * All men are created equal and are no different from each other.

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Lincoln was not the main speaker at the dedication of Gettysburg cemetery. He was asked to make some preliminary remarks. His speech is remembered today because it is short, poetically written and to the point.

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