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President Jimmy Carter's presidency was abysmal from the beginning. He was considered a Washington outsider. He had no support in Congress and could accomplish very little. His public support was nearly as bad. His energy plans backfired and sent the U.S. economy into a free fall. Family scandals plagued him. Other than his success with the 1978 Camp David Accords, his foreign relations were as unpopular as any other issue during his administration.

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Q: What did president carter have a serious problem with?
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What did president carter believe was the nation's most serious problem?

Carter Believed that the nation's most serious problem was its dependence on foreign oil.

Us president Jimmy Carter faced a serious international crisis when 52 americans were held hostage in?


What did President Jimmy Carter do to prove that the accident at Three Mile Island posed no serious threats to health?

toured the facility with his wife

What did president Jimmy Carter do to prove that the accident at three mile island posed no serious threat to health?

toured the facility with his wife

Who was the only president to come from Georgia?

Jimmy Carter was the president from Georgia.

Who waged a front porch campaign?

president carter president carter

What United States presidents farmed peanuts?

Jimmie Carter (although he couldn't pronounce "nuclear"!)

What president was elected after Jimmy Carter?

Jimmy Carter was elected president of the USA on January 21 1977. Robert Mugabe was elected president of Zimbabwe after Carter. The next President of the USA was Ronald Reagan.

Jimmy Carter faced his greatest problems with?

President Carter faced his greatest problem with the inept handling of the Iranian hostage crisis (1978-9) and failed attempt to rescue captured Americans.

Was Jimmy Carter the 38th president?

Carter was the 39th.

Is Tim Carter the son of president Jimmy Carter?

no he is not

Was Jimmy Carter the 35 president?

No. Jimmy carter was the 39th president serving from (1977-1981) John F. Kennedy was the 35th president serving from (1961-1963)