What did progressives oppose?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Progressives wanted to make cities and factories cleaner and safer.

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They opposed slums and other unequal or unfair treatment

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Q: What did progressives oppose?
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Who did the Progressives oppose and why?

progressives support.....wait forgot sorry

What did the progressives focus?

The Progressives focused on the Urban poor.

What did progressives focus on?

The Progressives focused on the Urban poor.

What is the name of the political movement that opposed machine politics?

The progressives! The progressives!

Where do Progressives place on the political spectrum?

Progressives were in the middle of the political spectrum

When was Alliance of Progressives created?

Alliance of Progressives was created in 1994-02.

When was Network of Spiritual Progressives created?

Network of Spiritual Progressives was created in 2005.

What established direct primaries?

Robert M. LaFollette(Progressives)

Democratic reforms introduced by the progressives?

All of these are reforms introduced by the Progressives. Plato<3

How did progressives and immigrants differ in their feelings about saloons?

The immigrants were in favor of saloon. The progressives did not like saloons

What was the main goal of the progressives?

The MAIN goal of progressives is to help the lives of people to become better.

When was All Progressives Grand Alliance created?

All Progressives Grand Alliance was created in 2003.