What did the Anasazi trade?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Anasazi traded many things such as animals, pottery, beads, turquoise and a number of other things.

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Q: What did the Anasazi trade?
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Which group artifacts tell archaeologists that trade was important to them?

It was anasazi

Did anasazi tell archaeologiststhat trade was import to us?


Which Indians had artifacts that told archaeologist that trade was important to them?


Why are the anasazi called the basket makers?

they made baskets for trade items.

How did the Anasazi economic system work?

The Anasazi's trade system was kind of like the Inca's. ... When they wanted or needed something a merchant would walk up to another tribe and offer them a trade. The Anasazi didn't have a type of currency, but they traded things for goods. They mostly traded pottery with other tribes.

What animals did the Anasazi trade?

The Anasazi people were peaceful people that lived in permanent dwellings in the Southwest area of the United States. They were mostly farmers, but are thought to have traded some sheep and goats as well.

Who did the anasazi trade with?

The Anasaziâ??s trade routes spanned the western part of North and Meso-America. They owned valuable turquoise and copper mines that gave them prize trade goods to make exchanges with. This turquoise and copper has been found in Mexico, and parrots and seashells from the Gulf of Mexico have been found in Anasazi ruins.

Who created anasazi pottery?

The Anasazi.

Why do archaeologists think Pueblos Bonito was an important center for the Anasazi?

because it still can be seened

What did anasazi hunt?

The anasazi hunted animals

What did the earliest inhabitants of the Grand Canyon call themselves?

they called themselves Anasazi

Where can you find pictures of Anasazi?

There are no pictures of the Anasazi, as they were an ancient people.