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There are four Blackfoot bands: three in Canada and one in the United States. A Blackfoot band is known as a tribein the United States and a First Nation in Canada. Each Blackfoot tribe or First Nation lives on its own reservation or reserve, which means land that belongs to the tribe and is legally under their control. The four Blackfoot bands are politically independent. Each one has its own government, laws, police, and services, just like a small country.

In the past, the Blackfeet nation was led by a council of chiefs, one from each clan. The Blackfeet people really valued harmony, so every chief had to agree on a decision before action could be taken (this is called consensus). Today, Blackfeet council members are elected like governors or mayors are... but their government still works by consensus.

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the blackfoot traded buffalo skins,berries,deer,elk,ground squirrels,and sometimes fish

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Q: What did the Blackfoot trade with other tribes?
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Do the people of the blackfoot tribe have any of the same belifes as the people in the iroquios tribe?

No. Neither the Blackfoot nor the Iroquois were single tribes but groups of allied tribes; they were linguistically, geographically and religiously entirely different from each other.

What do the blackfoot tribes wear?

animal skin

What did the blackfoot farm?

The Blackfoot tribes (Piegan, Blood and Blackfoot) were typical Plains nomads and grew no crops of any kind.

Did the Blackfoot have any other Indians near them?

All native American tribes had other tribes living near them. In the case of the three Blackfoot tribes (Blood, Piegan and Blackfoot), their allies and friends the Sarci and Atsena lived north and east of them; the Plains Cree and Assiniboin lived slightly further east; the Crow lived to the south; the Shoshoni lived to the south-west; the Nez Perce lived across the mountains to the west.

What is a blackfoot Indian?

A Blackfoot is a North American confederacy of several tribes, or a member of this confederacy.

What did the Blackfoot people speak?

The Blackfoot people spoke the Blackfoot language, which is part of the Algonquian language family. It is mainly spoken by the Blackfoot tribes in Montana and Alberta, Canada.

Who did the blackfoot trade with?

a white foot

What was it called when tribes would trade goods with other tribes?

bartering or trading.

What did the karankawa trade to other tribes?


Did the micmac trade with other tribes?

yes they did

What does the blackfoot tribe explain about nature?

That nature is full of different tribes

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