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The Connecticut Compromise helped resolve issues related to representation in Congress.

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Q: What did the Connecticut great compromise provided?
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Related questions

The great compromise in the constitutional convention provided?

The Great Compromise provided that representation in the House would be determined by population, and that each state would have equal representation in the Senate. This is also known as the Connecticut Compromise.

How did the Great Compromise or Connecticut Compromise set up Congress?

The great Compromise, or Connecticut Compromise, set up Congress by havin a fight.

Who was the creator of the Connecticut Compromise?

Roger Sherman and Olliver Ellsworth, delegates from Connecticut are the framers of the Great Compromise or the Connecticut Compromise.

What is the Great Compromise also called?

The Great Compromise was also known as the Connecticut Compromise.

What was the great compromise also known as?

the Connecticut compromise

What was the other name of the great compromise?

The Connecticut Compromise

What is aonther name for the Connecticut comprimise?

The Connecticut Compromise was also called the Great Compromise of 1787 or Sherman's Compromise.

Which of these was known as the great compromise Connecticut compromise three fifth compromise new jersey plan vagina plan?

connecticut compromise

Who created the great compromise?

Roger Sherman of Connecticut proposed the great compromise.

What was The great compromise which created a bicameral congress?

The Connecticut compromise

2 names of the great compromise?

Connecticut's Compromise and (Roger) Sherman's Compromise

What was the issue that led to the great compromise?

The issue of representation led to the Connecticut (or great) compromise.

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