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They used strong flexible birch bark that was woven or bent into baskets

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Q: What did the eastern woodlands use to make baskets?
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How do the eastern woodlands use natural resources?

they ate Buffaulo, and some fishes but that's more common in the NW. They lived in houses called long houses. as a staple food they ate corn. They also live in Wigwams . they ar like TP's but are round.

What natural resources did the Calusa tribe use?

The Calusa Indians used mostly plants, shells, and animal fibers to make garmets, baskets, fishing net and traps, and other needs

What are the eastern woodlands weapons?

I suppose it depends on a number of specifics; hunting or warfare, time period, region, etc. There are 3 groups of weapons used by people of the Eastern Woodlands. Group#1 Projectile weapons: Bows and Arrows, Blowguns, and Firearms (All see continual parallel use from approx c1600-present) Group#2 Impact weapons: Tomahawks*, ie. (Ballheaded, Sabre, Gunstock clubs), axes (Pipe, Belt, Half, Biscayne, etc.) Group#3 Cutting weapons: Steel knives (Fixed blade AND folding blade) *Tomahawk is a general term for a variety of impact weapons, and not simply a a stick with a rock in it. (See "stone celt" "stone celt axe")

What is the difference between Plains Cree and Woodlands Cree Indians?

the plains cree had prairie land whereas the woodlands cree lived in a more lively habitat. The Plains Cree used to live in tepees and hunted mainly buffalo, much like the other neighboring plains nations; with the advent of the horse these Plains cultures flourished. Woodlands Cree lived in wigwams (conical structures) similar to the plains, but hunted moose, deer and fished. Woodland Cree commuted the rivers in canoes as a means of transport. There are also dialect differences with some Woodlands and Plains Cree. Also, the dialect of "Y" is used by the Plains Cree and some Woodlands Cree use the "TH" dialect. The Plains Cree also tend to speak in a more sedate (slower) manner and the northern Woodlands speak faster.

How did the native Americans hunt?

THat depends on the environment and what they were hunting. In the arid desert regions of the south-west of the USA some hunters used snares and throwing sticks to kill rabbits; snares were also used in the woodlands areas to catch small mammals. Bows were the primary hunting weapon, as well as the main weapon in warfare; different tribes used various types of arrow to hunt a range of different prey. In the eastern woodlands some arrows were made with swollen, blunt wooden heads for hunting birds and small animals. On the Great Plains, hunting was generally done on horseback using very powerful short bows or sometimes lances. When guns became available from white people these often replaced native hunting weapons, particularly in the eastern woodlands where bows were all but abandoned.