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how indians became different tribes

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Q: What did the legend of godasiyo attempt to explain?
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Why did Godasiyo want to move her supporters?


Who is the author of Godasiyo the Woman Chief?

Dee Brown

What is the climax of the plot of godasiyo the women chief?

The climax of "Godasiyo: The Women Chief" occurs when the main character, Godasiyo, defies traditional gender roles and cultural norms by becoming the first female chief of the village. This pivotal moment challenges the existing power structure and marks a significant turning point in the story.

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How many languages did all the tribes speak during Godasiyo's rule?

Godasiyo united five tribes under her rule, each of which likely spoke their own distinct languages. This suggests that there were at least five different languages spoken during her rule.

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