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Scientists think they made Mirrors out of Hematite.

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Q: What did the olmecs use hematite for?
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What did the olmecs make from hematite?

they made mirrours i think

How many calendars did the Olmecs use?

The Olmecs used 3 calendars.

What did the olmecs use to carve stone statues and jewelry?

there hands

How to separate hematite from other rock and mud?

A relatively new process, magnetation, will aid in the separation of hematite from other rock. Used in the waste tailing of iron ore mining, the magnets attract the hematite for use.

What kind of tools did the olmecs use?

they used fat acids by chicken

How did the olmecs use the environment to succeed?

they buit things with it lived in it ,and ate from it

Who are the early people of Mexico?

The Olmecs The Olmecs

Teotihuacan was greatly influenced by the?


Can solid be hematite or brick?


What is Rainbow Hematite?

Hematite intermixed with Goethite is also known as Rainbow Hematite and is wonderfully iridescent.

Is Hematite a mineral?

Yes, hematite is a mineral.

What is the metal in hematite?

Hematite is an ore of iron.