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They mostly focused on political problems

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Q: What did the progressive movement focus mainly on?
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The progressive movement was mainly a response to what?

The Progressive Movement was mainly a response to the industrialization and urbanization of the United States.

What events lead to the progressive movement?

The mau movement is lead to the progressive movement!

When was Progressive Social Movement created?

Progressive Social Movement was created in 1956.

When was Progressive Movement - Cameroon - created?

Progressive Movement - Cameroon - was created in 1991.

What were Walter Rauschenbusch's ideas about Social Gospel and Progressive movement?

Rauschenbusch believed that evil in the world was a result of big bodies like political institutions and that evil in individuals came about as a result of this. He believed that a way to combat this was to destroy political corruption which was a major focus of the Progressive movement.

Was the NAACP formed during the progressive movement.?

Yes, the NAACP was formed during the progressive movement.

How were the mental hygiene films' of post World War 2 connected to the Industrial Revolution and Progressive Movement?

Mental hygiene films of the post World War 2 era are connected to the Industrial Revolution and Progressive Movement because they focus on the humanistic view promoted during that time.

Political reform movement in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to protect working class citizens?

progressive movement or progressive era

What did the leaders of the progressive movement do?

What was important to the success of the Progressive leaders

What were the contradictions in the progressive movement?

One of the contradictions of the progressive movement involved race. Black suffrage was a major a problem and was not covered enough in the movement.

What was the movement that Teddy Roosevelt represented?

the progressive movement

What true about the progressive movement?

Women left traditional roles to become active in reform during the Progressive Movement.