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Q: What do Kentucky and Virginia have in common?
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What state is located between Virginia and Kentucky?

They share a common border and in addition parts of West Virginia are in between.

What regions is in the us?

Massachussets, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky.

What state is the closest state to Virginia?

Kentucky and west Virginia

What state is cumberland gap located?

Kentucky, Virginia, or Tennessee. I believe it is in Kentucky.

What two stated border Virginia in the west?

West Virginia and Kentucky

What are the four commonwealths of the US?

Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky are the four commonwealths of the US.

What are the for states that border Virginia?

Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia

Who supported the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions?

only Kentucky and Virginia supported there own resolutions

Is Nebraska considered a common wealth state?

Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia are the 4 Commonwealth's in the US.

What state borders West Virgina on the southwest?

West Virginia is bordered by Virginia and Kentucky on the southwest.

The Virginia and Kentucky resolutions were written in response to?


The Kentucky and Virginia resolutions were?

The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions suggested that states might declare certain acts of Congress unconstitutional. The Kentucky and Virginia resolutions were drafted in 1798 and 1799.