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i have black hair , blue eyes, black thick eyelashes and eyebrows and deep red lips, and this is without makeup

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Q: What do most half white and half Native American people look like?
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What is the name of one native American actress?

Irene Bedard has appeared in many recent movies/films in native American roles. She is actually of mixed race background (Inuit and Metis) but she has appeared as a Lakota, as a Navajo, as Minnehaha, as the voice of Pocahontas, as the mother of Pocahontas and as a half-Lakota half-white woman - and various other native roles. She is a typical example of the "one size fits all" native American beloved by Hollywood, completely ignoring the different physical appearances between, say, a Powhatan woman and a Lakota woman. She has always appeared on screen with her eyebrows intact, when almost all historic native Americans traditionally removed their eyebrows.

Who is on the two and half dollar gold piece in 1908?

It's not a specific person - it's a stylized portrait of a Native American

Are Hispanics Caucasian?

Yes but anthropologically speaking they are white caucasian from spain and portugal unless they have bred with native americans or africans and then they would be considered mixed race 200 years ago they may have been refered to as creollo ,quadroon, octaroon ,half breed , which was how to determine how much non hispanic blood was in them, which was a legal basis to recognise their legal / citizenship acceptance status in society at that time.

What did Native American woman do if their husband died?

Somebody in the tribe would take her in. The American Indian tribes did not have marriage laws as we understand them. look at names like Black Hawk, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse... whatever was outside the tent when the child was born, not very genetically-ordinated. OKay in a sense they had Free Love- which was one reason, quite apart from tribal-white hostilities - that White-Indian marriages were not looked upon with favor- consult the lyrics of ( Half-Breed).

What are all the different coins in US?

There are thousands of coins in the US, but if you mean circulation coins, there is the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, Native American dollar, and presidential dollar.

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Is travie mccoy half white?

he is quarter white, half black and quarter native american.

What are Physical features of hald Mexican half white people?

"Mexican" is a nationality, not a race. That being said, most Mexicans are by definition mestizos, or a mix of white European and Native American people. This means a half-mestizo, half white is actually genetically 75% white and 25% Native American.Some examples of this "half Mexican, half white" people include stars such as Christina Aguilera, Frankie Muniz or Jessica Alba.

Channing Tatum is he biracial?

Channing Tatum is American but his roots are French, Irish, Creole, Native American and German.

What is a half native American half Mexican person called?

Mexicans are Native Americansresearch the term Mexica--No. The mexicans are not Native American. If you ever tell a Native American that, you'll get beat up. The cultures are completely different. White people only say Mexicans are Native because of the Mayans and Aztecs and think that's pretty much the same.... which isn't true.

What race is bailee Madison?

Bailee Madison is a white American actress.

What is your ancestry if you are half White and Mexican?

If you are half white, then you would be from Europe. If you are half Mexican than you are either of native Mexican descent or eurpeon descent or both! so basically if you are half white an half Mexican you are mainly from European descent with a little bit of native in you (which if you want to be precise traces back to Asia)

What ethnicity is travie McCoy?

His father is Haitian and mother is of Irish and Native American ancestry. So Travie McCoy is half black, 1/4 white and 1/4 Native American. Hope this helps. Biracial people are hot, aren't they.

What is lil wayne's race?

He does not belong to the human race, therefore, he cannot be categorized.

Is President Obama a Caucasian?

Obama is half Kenyan, half white American. Most people identify him as African-American or black.

Are Mexicans half Indian and half spanish?

Mexican is a nationality, and Mexicans have many ethnic backgrounds including white, black, Native American and even Asian. Mestizo people are the result of white and Native American and black interracial marriages. Right now, from 60 to 80% of Mexico's population fall within this "ethnic definition". Genetically speaking, most Mexican people are 59% European, 35% Amerindian, 5% African.

I'm a bit over half Native American my father was half Sioux and half Choctaw my mother is about one third Cherokee I generally look white so is it wrong to say I'm biracial?

Yes. You're white.

Is Ludacris half Native American?