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the metis use tree and bark and mud my friend is falf metis

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They live in wigwams and tipi's.

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Q: What do the saulteaux people use as shelter?
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What was Saulteaux shelter like after European contact?

it was hard!

What do the saulteaux people use as shelter and how did technolgies change that?

they used tee-pees and log houses and the technologies didnt really change that beside them moving in to houses

What are saulteaux people?

someone who lives in saskachewan

Is the word Saulteaux or Salteaux?

it's is Saulteaux

What kind of food do the saulteaux people eat?

they ate the buffulo

Where do the Saulteaux people live?

They lived in the southern part of northwestern Ontario and northeastern Manitoba.

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What did the people of Border Cave use for shelter?

the cave

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