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CJ stands for Clifford Junior. I really hope he goes to a really good team in the first or second round.

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Q: What does CJ in CJ Spiller stand for?
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What does C J stand for in C J Spiller?

Clifford Spiller Jr. abbreviated CJ

What does C J stand for in C J Spiller's name?

CJ Spillers Real name?

Where does CJ Spiller live?

hamburg ny

What is cj spillers real name?

his real name is Clifford "C.J." Spiller Jr

What is cj spiller 40 yard dash?


How old is Cj Spiller?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season C.J. Spiller is 26 years old.

Who faster cj spiller or jacoby ford?

jacoby ford is faster but cj runs the ball better

Is CJ Spiller the fastest person in the NFL right now?

not close to it

Who is a better player jahvid best or CJ spiller?

Jahvid best is better and faster.

What number pick was CJ Spiller in the first round of the draft?

#9 - selected by the Buffalo Bills

Where was CJ Spiller 3-25-10?

He was at BRE (Blue Ridge Elemanaray) giving autographs and taking pictures.

Will Mark Ingram be on the cover of NCAA 2011?

No, CJ Spiller will. Ingram is an overrated running back. If he had played at Ole Miss, LSU, Tennessee, Florida State, he would not have won the Heisman. CJ Spiller is a better football player and achieved more in his career than Ingram could ever hope to do.