What does Oklahoma mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Oklahoma is from the Choctaw language and means "red people".

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Q: What does Oklahoma mean?
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What does Oklahoma mean in Hebrew?

Oklahoma has no meaning in Hebrew. It only has meaning in Choctaw. (The name Oklahoma comes from the Choctaw phrase okla humma, literally meaning red people)

What is Oklahoma state flag and seal mean?

it means your momma

Who was Miss Oklahoma in 2006?

If you mean Miss Oklahoma "USA" and then competed in the miss USA pageant in 2004 then it was Lindsay Hill from Cashion, OK

How much money does a nurse make in Oklahoma?

Annual mean $50330 Hour mean $24.20

When was Oklahoma born?

You mean became a state. It was Nov. 16, 1907

What was the wind speed of the tornado that hit Oklahoma in1999?

There were many tornadoes in Oklahoma in 1999, but presumably you mean The F5 that hit the Oklahoma City area on May 3. That tornado had winds of just over 300 mph.

Can you get a gun permit with a warrant in Oklahoma?

You don't need a permit to buy a gun in Oklahoma, if you mean concealed carry permit I think it depends on what crime you are wanted for.

What county is Oklahoma City?

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is in Oklahoma and Cleveland Counties.

What does rad oklahomsky rolink mean?

Rad = Series Oklahomsky = Oklahoma (The USA State) Rolink = (Rolínek) a name possibly? Oklahoma Series "something" (Rolínek?) in Slovakian.

Who is home team of Oklahoma vs Florida national championship game?

Oklahoma is the home team and will wear Red, Florida is suck.. i mean the visitors and wear white.

How far is it from Oklahoma to Callifornia and why?

1,447 miles. Why? What do you mean by why? Why is it 1,447 miles? I don't know.

What does a g restriction mean on a Oklahoma drivers license?

It means that it's a graduated licence.