What does Susquehannock mean?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The name of that particular native tribe was recorded in many different ways by early English explorers: Susquehanna, Susquehannock, Sasquesahannough and many more versions. The name appears to be from one of the Virginia Algonquian languages, but the tribe itself was not Algonquian but Iroquoian.

It is clear from this that Susquehannock was not the real name of the tribe, but a name for them used by their Algonquian neighbours. In the Powhatan word lists recorded by John Smith and others, suckquohana means simply water; the version susquesahannough may mean people of the waterfall, or muddy water people.

Our modern knowledge of the Powhatan language is insufficient to confirm or deny these translations.

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According to this web page:

Susque means long reach, and hanna means river.

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Q: What does Susquehannock mean?
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How did the susquehannock get food?

the susquehannock indians were farmers and hunters

When was Susquehannock State Park created?

Susquehannock State Park was created in 1965.

How does the susquehannock tribe get there food?

The Susquehannock tribe gets there food by fishing, hunting, and farming.

What were the names of the susquehannock houses?


What did the susquehannock indians live in?

The Sasquehanna or Susquehannock tribe lived in fortified villages of longhouses, each around 80 feet long and covered with sheets of bark.

What tribe of Indians lived in towanda Pennsylvania?


What did the susquehannock Indian tribe eat?

Buffalo and elk

Does the Susquehannock tribe still exist today?

The last remaining 14 Susquehannock people were slaughtered by white settlers in 1763. The Tribe doesn't exist. But there are many people that have bloodlines. That go back to the Susquehannock heritage. They mingled in very well with White's and their women and men married White's.

What did the Susquehannock's eat?

i anint sure but they ate fish and other things

What are some Pennsylvanias tribes?

The Delaware, Seneca, Susquehannock, Iriquois and Shawnee.

What was the name of the first Native American that the Pilgrams met in America?

it is susquehannock

What Indian group occupied Maryland before the settlers came?

the Susquehannock tribe.