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Q: What does each document tell us about American Indian hopes and fears?
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Hopes for a native American confederation died with the death of who?

Dred Scott

What was the name of the policy that allowed waring countries to buy American goods?

The name of the policy that allowed warring countries to buy American goods was known as the Neutrality Act. There were many of these acts passed during the 30s in the hopes to keep the United States out of another world war.

What were harriet Tubman hopes for the future?

Harriet Tubman's hopes for the future were to abolish slavery, gain equal rights for African Americans, and create a better life for herself and her family. She wanted to free slaves with the Underground Railroad, to educate and enlighten African Americans, and to give them the right to vote. She hoped to provide economic opportunities for African Americans who were denied the right to own land. She also wanted to create a safe haven for her people, providing them with food and shelter. Lastly, she wanted to bring justice to the African American community, by advocating for their civil rights and working to eliminate racism and discrimination.Harriet Tubman worked tirelessly to make her hopes a reality. She sought to: Abolish slavery Gain equal rights for African Americans Free slaves with the Underground Railroad Educate and enlighten African Americans Give African Americans the right to vote Provide economic opportunities for African Americans Create a safe haven for her people Advocates for African American civil rights Eliminate racism and discriminationHarriet Tubman's hopes for the future were driven by her unwavering commitment to justice and equality. She dedicated her life to making her hopes a reality, and her legacy is one of courage, strength, and determination.

Were did the south suffer a crushing defeat that ended its hopes for victory?


How was Spain and obstacle to American hopes for peace with independence?

Spain was very much an obstacle for peace in American independence because of its ownership of Florida. Seminole raids from Florida usually disrupted normal life in Georgia, its southernmost state. Also, an imminent attack by the British (a traditional enemy of Spain) in Florida might give the British an excuse to land troops in American territory, therefore paving the way for the reconquest of the newly formed American nation to the British.I hope I answered the question. Thanks :D