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Q: What does for though the flame of liberty sometimes cease to shine the coal can never expire mean?
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Which is the unfamiliar term comparing to the rest-begin-expire-exhale-perish-cease-die out?


What word are the synonym of the word expire?

end, finish, concluse, close, stop, run out, cease, die, depart, perish, pass on

What is a synonym for expire?

end, finish, concluse, close, stop, run out, cease, die, depart, perish, pass on

Does Life with Certain Annuity expire?

Life with a certain annuity typically does not expire for the duration specified in the contract, which could be for a set number of years or for the life of the annuitant. Once the specified period ends, the annuity payments cease.

Why a baseball become soft and this cease to be bouncy after sometimes?

Wear and tear.

What is the opposite of begins?

# End # Terminate # Cease # StopThe opposite of the word begin is end, finish, or expire.

Does power of attorney cease after someone is no longer incapacitated?

Not necessarily. If the POA is of a limited duration, it may expire. However, a Durable POA that is not of a limited nature would continue to be effective.

What is the root word of deceased?

The root word of "deceased" is "decease," which means to die or pass away.

Can you die from a black hole?

your atoms will always remain. life as you know it will cease to exist, though. happy trails!

Another word for a dead body?

Croaked. Conked. Bit the dust. Watching/looking over us. Pass Away. Cease to exist. Kick the Bucket. Perish. Expire.

How did Israel become extinct?

Israel, today, is a vibrant and viable country. Countries do not become extinct, though they can cease to exist.

Is Lil Cease Biggie cousin?

Lil Cease Big Cease All Cease Is Cousin Biggie Small Small Small Tiny Biggie Smallie Cease Lil Biggie?