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Just sayin'. it represents freedom for slaves
The Statue of Liberty is located at the point of entry for immigrants who came to America from other countries. The sight of Lady Liberty represents freedom from a life that limited their abilities.

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The Statue of Freedom or Armed Freedom is a female bronze statue. Her right hand holds a sheathed sword hilt and her left hand holds the Shield of the United States and laurel wreath.

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Quite simply, it represents what it is named - Freedom.

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Q: What does the Statue of Freedom represent?
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Why is the statue of liberty build?

to represent the freedom of slaves

Does the Statue of Liberty represent political freedom?


What does the statue of liberty torch represent?

The Statue of Liberty's torch represents enlightenment or lighting the path to freedom. It also represent 'liberty enlightening the world'. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France's people to the United States.

What does the flaming torch represent?

The Statue of Liberty's torch represents freedom

Do the chains on the Statue of Liberty represent the slaves' freedom?

The broken chains represent escape from the chains of tyranny.

What dose the sword in the right hand of the statue of freedom represent?

The Statue of Freedom is a bronze statue designed by Thomas Crawford. The sword in the right hand symbolizes peace, ready to be drawn at any moment.

Does the Statue of Liberty represent peace?

No, the statue represents liberty. That is why it holds up the torch-to light the way to freedom.

What The Statue of Liberty represents to American citizens?

Because to them, the statue was a sign of freedom, of new life, and of a brand new start on life. :)

What does the torch on the statue of liberty represent?

It represents freedom and liberty. It also signifies light.

What does the sword in the right hand of statue of freedom represent?

peace that is ready to be drawn when needed

What does the golden door represent at statue of liberty?

Freedom, Dreams, Rich, Money, Opportunity

What is broken on the Statue of Liberty's feet?

There are broken shackles around her ankles to represent freedom from opression.