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Fork in the road means a time when it is necessary to make a decision.

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Q: What does the idiom fork in the road mean?
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What does the idiom hit the road mean?

It means to start a journey or to leave.

Why did karjam get a flat tire?

There Was A Fork In The Road I had this answer too but I do not understand it. What does that exactly mean? I am so confused. :( A "fork in the road" is another way to say that the road has split into two, "forked" and formed an intersection, a crossroads. But a fork is also something sharp that might poke a hole ito a tire if you should run it over.

What does fork in the road mean?

Assuming you haven't actually spotted an eating utensil lying in the street, this idiom refers to the forked path that a road takes, with one path going one way and the other path going the other way. It's like a fork in a tree making a Y shape.

When was Fork in the Road created?

Fork in the Road was created on 2009-04-07.

What does the idiom fork out enough dough mean?

Dough is slang for money. If you "fork out enough dough," you pull money out of your pocket until you have enough and then hand it over to whoever you are buying something from - "fork out" refers to using a manure fork to clear out used straw in a horse or cow stall.

What is the meaning of this idiom vocabulary of the road?

vocabulary of the road

What is it which divides the road?

a fork

Where does the road end?

When you come to the fork in the road, take it.

What are the ratings and certificates for A Fork in the Road - 2009?

A Fork in the Road - 2009 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:16

What does Belle fourche mean in English?

Belle fourche means "beautiful fork" in English. As with the English "fork", this is likely to be the name of a place where a river or a road divides into branches.

What actors and actresses appeared in Fork in the Road - 2012?

The cast of Fork in the Road - 2012 includes: Danielle Lozeau as Ariel

What actors and actresses appeared in The Fork in the Road - 1915?

The cast of The Fork in the Road - 1915 includes: Lafe McKee as The Innkeeper