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Q: What does the native term Migwitch mean?
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What does it mean by a red Indian?

It was a term often used before the hyphenated term American-Indian or the term Native American became popular. A red Indian was a North American Native.

What does 'wooget' mean?

It's a slang term for Native American people.

What does it mean when a metal is said to be in its native state?

the term native state refers to metals which are found chemically uncombined in nature

What does culturally acceptable mean?

How does the term relate to contemporary Native American health care?

What does culturally-acceptable mean?

How does the term relate to contemporary Native American health care?

What does sabra mean?

Sabra (Hebrew: צבר‎) is a term used to describe a native-born Israeli Jew.

What does the term native mean option A friend from back home Bfirst people?

native meens a person that was born in a particular place village, country or even neighborhood

What is the term used for native mammals?

native mammals

What does native dress mean?

The term 'native dress' refers to clothing that is traditionally worn by the people of a certain culture or area. Native dress can include decorated parkas in the north or the long buckskin dresses traditionally worn by many Native American women.

What does the name Ainu mean?

Ainu is the term used for the native Japanese inhabitants now only living in Northern Hokkaido

What does it mean when someone says they are Chilean?

Chileans are the native people, or long term immigrants of Chile. To say that you are a Chilean would mean that you are native to Chile. Approximately 857,781 Chileans live outside their native country, so it would not be particularly uncommon to meet somebody who says that they are Chilean.

What does shamah mean in Indian?

A Native American term, shamah refers to Indians that look white. It is usually used as a derogatory term that Indians would take offense too.