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hispanic cowboys in American history. "Vaqueros" actually refers to the jeans that they war

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It means cowboy or herdsmenin spanish

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Q: What does vaquero mean?
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What Vaquero mean?

Probably cowboy.

What does por tu vaquero mean?

For you, Cowboy.

What does hasta luego vaquero mean?

'See you later, cowboy'.

What does vaqueros mean in English?

mi vaquero means my cowboy

How is cowboy different from vaquero?

A cowboy is the same as a vaquero. Vaquero is a Spanish word and both refer to a ranch hand.

When was Eucalantica vaquero created?

Eucalantica vaquero was created in 2011.

How do you call a Vaquero Argentino?

A vaquero argentino is commonly named as "gaucho".

Who created the Vaquero?

Vaquero is a name for 'cowboy' in parts of South America, so I guess you could say that cattle farming created the vaquero.

How is a vaquero different from a cowboy other than a vaquero is Mexican?

they live in different places

Where to buy Mexican vaquero pants and jacket?

name all the labeled vaquero clothing???????????????

What has the author Marisa Vaquero written?

Marisa Vaquero has written: 'Poemas de falda negra'

What are the ratings and certificates for Vaquero - 2011?

Vaquero - 2011 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:13